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Karen from Eleventh Hour Bookkeeping has been providing a valuable service to our Accounting Practice for the last 5 years. With her unfaltering attention to detail and dedication to providing accurate financial information she has been the perfect fit for our practice. Karen is also a xero certified advisor and has been of great assistance to our practice when clients convert to xero.  With her comprehensive knowledge of xero she is able to provide initial training and ongoing support if required to get them up to speed. 

Her honesty and integrity is second to none and I cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone who needs the services of a BAS Agent/Bookkeeper.


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​“Karen’s support for our multiple and diverse business operations has been both longstanding and essential to our ongoing efficiency , analysis and profitability. Her attention to detail and diligent approach combined with her substantial experience with current accounting practices provides us a very relevant and cost effective service working in conjunction with our other accounting and financial advisors.”


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Karen has been my bookkeeper since 2006

I had made the decision early on in business to do what I do do best and outsource the other jobs to the professionals in those areas. I am not a bookkeeper - I am a photographer and businesswoman! Karen was introduced to me through my accountant at the time and I have never looked back. Karen keeps everything running beautifully for me and I don't need to spend any time at all concerned about bills, the ATO, Bas lodgements, pays. She is an an absolute perfectionist when it comes to bookkeeping, which I love.

Her honesty and integrity is second to none and I cannot reccomend her highly enough.


Katrina Christ

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"Karen started as our remote bookkeeper at  2Gen Pty Ltd 2 years ago.  Before Karen began with our business, everything was so out of control, we had missing documents, were weeks behind in reconciliations and it was a very stressful time to say the least.  Karen came onsite learnt about our business and from there onwards took over the payroll, data entry and reconciliations.  We simply e mail scanned documents to her for processing. Karen is a qualified BAS agent and I have not lodged or worried about the last 8 BAS quarters- BLISS.  Our books are so much more organised and up to date each and every week making it easier to run our business with accurate reporting and budgets.

We are thrilled to have Karen working with us. Karen's experience in bookkeeping and HR is absolutely priceless to our business and we would have no issues recommending her services to any business owner. Karen is honest reliable and very thorough in her work."


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 - "Behind in my Tax and Stressed to my Eyeballs!"


"When I finally started using Karen's services my books were to be blunt were a mess. Starting a small business with little experience was stressful and I had to work another job for the first two years to support it. I was just so busy that my book work got behind and the further behind it got, the more completly overwhelmed I became. My friend who owns a photography business and uses Eleventh Hour Bookkeeping  recommended them to me.


Karen helped me to get organised, and put systmes in place, she taught me how to use MYOB and helped me get my bookd up to date and compliant. We have now moved to Xero which has been fantastic, she exported all the coding, set evering thing up, and showed how to use the new system. Whenever I needed help, she was just an email away and always gets back to me promptly. Going to Xero has saved loads of time, it has cut my bookwork time from about 30hrs a quarter, to about 12hrs. The only drawback is that Karen doesn't need to come into my business eachquarter so I don't get to see her as much. 


Karen has helped me to take the stress out of doing books, which I always viewed as something tedious and had to push myself to do. With her help it is now just another thing I do in the course of my business day and it is getting easier and easier. She is extremely thorough and makes sure everything is done properly, so when your books go to the accountant, there isan't much for them to do saving you hassle and money. She has been an amazing addition to my business, she's fun, relaible, a pleasure to be around, and makes my life easier and less stressful. All qualities that every business owner needs. If you hate doing bookkeeping let someone else do it for you who loves it! I can't reccomend her highly enough."


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